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House rules



Welcome to our campsite, we hope you will have a pleasant stay. During your stay it is important that you are aware of the rules and respect them. That way everyone has an enjoyable stay.



When you arrive at the campsite, you must first register. After registration and explanation of a few things we will assign your pitch or chalet.


Installing the camping equipment

The tent/caravan/camper/folding trailer and all associated equipment may only be installed on the designated pitch.



Reception is open from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 19.00. If no one is present, the manager can be reached by using the telephone at reception.



The rates are listed on the information board at the entrance and on the website. On the day of departure, the pitch must be vacated by 11.30am and the chalet by 10am. Payment for the stay must be made within a few days after arrival, for short stays no later than the day before departure. Reservations are free of charge, but a booked period must be paid in full. Leaving earlier means no refund.


Peace and quiet

Please respect each other, the nature and the peace and quiet on the campsite. Speakers etc. are not allowed. Between 22.00 and 07.00 hrs no new visitors are allowed in to respect the night's rest of the other guests. From 22.30 it should be quiet. Between 23.00 and 07.00 hours there will be silence on the campsite.



Pets are permitted against payment. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and must not disturb other guests. Under no circumstances should the animal be left alone on a pitch or in accommodation without its owners. The animal's needs must be taken care of outside the campsite and any accidents must be cleaned up. The owner of the pet is responsible for any damage and/or contamination.



Visitors must first report to the campsite owner or his representative. Visitors are the responsibility of the campers/tenants they visit. No more than 2 visitors are allowed on each pitch. Visitors' cars are not permitted on the camping ground.


Traffic and parking

We are a car-free campsite. After placing your camping equipment, please park your car on our car park. Traffic to and from the pitch is not permitted until the day of departure. As we think it is important that children can play without worry, it is only allowed to drive at walking pace.


Sanitary facilities and hygiene

We expect all guests to keep their camping pitch and the common areas clean and undamaged.


We clean the sanitary building regularly every day. Please do your part by:

- If necessary, clean the toilet with a toilet brush after use

- Drying the shower after taking a shower

- Leaving the sink clean after washing up


Parents should ensure that their children do not use the toilet facilities as a playground. Young children may only use the sanitary facilities under supervision.



Guests are only permitted to empty their waste water in the designated areas. It is forbidden to throw dirty water on the ground or in the gutters.


Paper, glass, plastic bottles and residual waste must be disposed of in the containers provided, which are located opposite the campsite on the other side of the road.



The trees and plants on the site must be treated with respect. This means, among other things, not hammering nails into trees, breaking branches or planting anything. Damage to plants, fences, grounds or other facilities will be charged to the camper who caused it. The use of plastic sheeting is only permitted under tents, not in the front tent. Make sure you leave your pitch clean: tidy up sticks, stones, washing lines, etc.


Open fire

Making a campfire by adults is only allowed with permission of the campsite owners and only on the common fire place on the campsite.


You are responsible for the safety of your pitch. All kitchen appliances must be functioning properly and must not be used in hazardous conditions. Charcoal barbecues are permitted, provided they are not forbidden by the municipality or are dangerous due to the weather conditions. Cooking on wood fire is not allowed.



In case of fire, immediately contact the warden(s). You can find a fire extinguisher at the reception and at the sanitary building. A first aid box is located in the reception. If the alarm bell rings, please assemble at the assembly point via the indicated route. In case of emergency, you can call on us day and night.


The campsite accepts no liability for damage to guests' property or accidents suffered by guests or visitors. Guests are requested to take the usual precautions to protect their property.


Any breach of the regulations may result in expulsion from the campsite without any refund of the rental fee or any part thereof.


Swimming pool and river

The swimming pool is only accessible to young children under the supervision of their parents.

The river Lot is not part of the campsite. Swimming in the river and using the raft is entirely at your own risk. The campsite cannot be held responsible for accidents of any kind. In case of strong currents and low water temperature, it can be dangerous for inexperienced and/or young swimmers.


Please do not hesitate to ask questions or let us know if you have any problems. Once again, we wish you a pleasant holiday at our campsite.

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